WiMAX Network planning and Optimisation


  • Differences between Fixed and Mobile WiMAX technology will be studied. The related layer 1 and 2 protocol functions are dealt with in detail.
  • Relevant radio propagation and physical layer characteristics, in different deployment scenarios will be presented.
  • WiMAX deployment and roll out strategies will be studied
  • Advanced techniques and their performance will be discussed (beam forming, space-time coding, MIMO, different handover schemes).

What you will gain

  • Understand up to date  end to end technology of both mobile and fixed WiMAX technology.
  • Features of the technology those are relevant for system performance, planning and deployment.
  • The participants will learn about performance enhancement and optimization techniques.
  • They will be able to address real-world problems of the WiMAX deployment and future enhancements.

Duration:    Two options

  • Class room  : 5 days  (full day) – Instructor led training with lab session.  (OR)
  • Online-Live : 10 days , 3 hours/ day – Live instructor led training with lab session

Pre requisites:  Sound knowledge of wireless communication systems is required.

Who should attend?

  • Technical managers who want to learn and understand the benefits and potential issues with Fixed and Mobile WiMAX.
  • Development and radio network engineers who require a good knowledge of the WiMAX technology.

Course outline

1. Introduction to Wireless standards- 802.16

2. Radio Propagation Overview

3.  WiMAX Principles

4.  WiMAX Physical Layer

5. WiMAX Access Procedures

6.  WiMAX Radio Network Planning

7.  WiMAX Enhancements and Optimization

8.  WiMAX Deployment

9. WiMAX alternatives

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