Internet of Things (IoT) Network Overview

Course  Objective:

  • To understand IoT basics and the need.
  • Different platform to connect IoT network.
  • Application of IoT.

Duration:    5 days / Customisable  –   Instructor led training.

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge in Computer and Telecom fundamentals.

Who should attend:   Engineers, SMEs , Technology specialist , R&D team who are involved in IoT products and testing.

Course Outline:

  • Need for IoT platform for present world
  • Understand different commercial boards used in IoT
  • All about sensors used
  • What is M2M and application
  • IoT- M2M protocols – Wifi , LoRa, LoWPAN, Zigbee
  • Open source platform for configuration of IoT boards
  • Security in IoT implementation
  • How IoT is used in 5G telecom network.

Practical/Hands-on :

  • Use of different IoT boards –Arduino, NodeMcu and Raspberry Pi.
  • Work on Open source platform to connect IoT board
  • Use of Raspberry Pi for different telecom application.

At the end of Course:

Candidate can able to configure and work with different IoT boards including Raspberry Pi. Work with different open source software platform to connect and test M2M communication.

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