Broadcasting Content Regulations

Course Overview


  • Broadcasting technologies are changing very fast and its content are  published without much of monitoring and regulations .
  • Digitization, convergence and globalization demands the people in broadcasting and other ICT sector to remain informed of international trends and practice.
  • Need for Legal and regulatory agencies to keep evolving themselves based on these technologies and services for better content regulations.


Duration:  Two Weeks – Instructor Led Training


What you will gain:
  • Understand overview of different broadcasting technologies.
  • Describe and interpret the broad impacts of digitalization, globalization and convergence on broadcasting;
  • Describe and analyze both traditional and contemporary objectives underlying the regulation of broadcasting;
  • Understand key broadcasting market trends and the policy/regulatory implications of these trends;
  • Understand key features of the current policy and regulatory environment for broadcasters internationally.
  • Case studies of Content regulations followed in other countries.


Who should attend

This course has been designed for the personnel from Regulators , Lawyers, Consultants, Journalists involved in Broadcasting.  This course will also be appropriate for policy makers and broadcast service providers.


Course Outline:
  1. Introduction and Overview of different Technologies : DVB-C, T,T2, S and IPTV
  2. Need for Broadcasting policy and regulations.
  3. International broadcasting trends, Convergence and Globalizations.
  4. Community broadcasting – trend and policy guidelines
  5. Local content and independent production issues.
  6. IPTV and its trend – Policy and regulation requirement.
  7. Case studies on Content regulations followed in other countries.
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