Recruitment Services-Domestic

We provide recruitment services for Telecom & IT Professionals at all levels and Senior Managers across all Functions for telecom industries in India.

Our Strength

We are a team of telecom professionals ,with vast industry experience. We understand all functions and connected roles in an organization.

Placement Methodology

Our value adds to our client’s is in the method we adopt to evaluate candidate’s against a role. In brief we …

  • We assess client’s needs and candidate’s role
  • Determine Search strategy
  • Identify suitable Candidates
  • Interview and record observations on all short listed profiles
  • Schedule candidate meetings with the clients
  • Reference checks on request
  • Counsel and handhold candidates

In the process, we save about 70% of our clients’ recruitment time ,efforts and hence cost.

How we are different

  • We focus on telecom profiles at all levels and senior profiles across functions for telecom industries.
  • We do not share a candidate’s profile with more than one client at a time
  • The prospective candidates go through multiple levels of screening
    1. CV screening
    2. Soft skills evaluation
    3. Personal / Telephonic Interviews
  • This has also helped us build a qualified database of candidates. Their availability is monitored regularly. The database also consists of referred and headhunted candidates.
  • The profiles of ALL the candidates short-listed after the interviews are sent to our clients with our observations. We save at least 60 to 70% of the recruitment workload since we send only short listed profiles
  • We brief the candidate on the client and the role before the CV is forwarded
  • Our Experience enables us to assess a candidate’s fitment both from the HR and functional point of view
  • We are totally transparent and share all the candidate’s details with our clients
  • We do not offer placement to candidates for at least 2 years from the date they join any of our clients, even if they leave the services of the client in between.
  • We counsel middle and lower management professionals to help them choose the right role / organization.
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