QoS Management in LTE and A-LTE Networks

· Mobile networks are being deployed using different technologies from GSM to LTE and Advanced LTE .
· Network architecture based on TDM is being replaced with IP network.
· MIMO plays major role in providing higher data throughput in LTE networks.

Duration :   5 Days -Instructor led training with Lab session.

What you will gain :
· Understanding mobile technologies and services offered.
· IP network architecture in mobile networks.
· Evolution of transmission network from TDM to PTN.
· How to monitor QoS and do performance analysis of LTE networks.

Pre requisite : Technical education with sound knowledge in mobile technology/networks is required

Who should attend
Regulatory and enforcement agencies, QoS monitoring and Service assurance engineers and managers.

Course Outline :
· Overview of mobile networks : GSM ,WCDMA, HSPA + , LTE and A-LTE
· How MIMO and OFDMA is used in LTE and A-LTE networks
· Understand carrier aggregation (CA)  used in Advanced LTE .
· How TDM based transmission networks are evolved into IP network (PTN).
· How Voice can be transmitted on IP.
· Radio measurements and QoS measurement using drive test.
· Bench marking and Performance analysis of LTE network.

Practical/Hands-on :   Vestel has its own GSM, 3G and LTE network in the lab

  • Drive test tool for LTE
  • Post processing of drive test results.
  • LTE network test in the LAB
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