FM Radio and Digital TV broadcasting Technologies


  • FM Transmission /Radio plays major role for pubic and private broadcasters.
  • Digital TV technologies maintain supremacy over traditional analog TV technologies.
  • Many digital TV broadcasting technologies are available in the market to suit individual countries requirement.
  • QoS is major concern for regulators to benchmark and monitor it.

Duration:    2 Weeks / Customizable

Training format:   Instructor led training with lab session.

What you will gain :

  • Understanding FM transmission technology and design
  • Various parameters measurement in FM -How 
  • Benefits of Digital TV broadcasting and its technologies
  • Regulatory and  QoS measurement.

Pre requisite :

Basic knowledge in telecom and broadcasting technologies are required

Who should attend

Regulatory & enforcement agencies , Broadcasters , Technicians, QoS monitoring engineers and managers.

Course Outline :

  • RF Basics and Bands
  • Benefits of FM modulations 
  • FM Transmitters and Antenna design
  • QoS parameters measurement in FM 
  • Overview of Different TV broadcasting Technologies.
  • Basics of DVB- T1 and T2 Technologies
  • DVB-T2 Network architecture.
  • RF measurements parameters- RF level, BER, MER
  • DVB-T2 Measurement – Spectrum & constellations
  • QoS measurement for DVB-T /T2 network.
  • Coverage prediction tools for both FM and DVB-T2 
  • Practical hands-on test & measurement in our own DVB-T/T2 broadcasting lab.
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