Core Network Planning Essentials


  • This course contains an overview of the evolved core networks in different releases of UMTS from Release 4 to Release 7.
  • An overview of UMTS and its vision for the next generation all-IP multimedia networks known as IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)
  • Evolution of UMTS.


5 days – Instructor led training with lab session.

What you will gain?

  • UMTS evolved core networks
  • Explain the signaling and transport protocols like SIP, BICC, Megaco and RTP
  • The various concepts of  end to end QoS.
  • Evolution of UMTS

Pre requisites

  • Basic knowledge of telecommunications. Understanding of GSM an UMTS networks.
  • Basic understanding of data networking concepts such as IP routing and protocol stacks

Who should attend?

This course is intended for professionals who are in design, development and engineering on UMTS core networks.

Course outline

1. UMTS  Overview

2. WCDMA technology in UMTS

3. UMTS core network architecture

4. UMTS  radio network

5. UTRA channels and protocols

6. Circuit-Switched Scenarios

7. Packet-Switched Scenarios

8. IMS signaling and transport protocols

9. IMS scenarios

10. System Scenarios

11. Quality of Service

12. Evolution of UMTS to HSPA + and LTE

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