Advanced Training for Professionals in Help Desk at Telecom Regulator


  • New technology and services are introduced in telecom industry every day.
  • Help desk team should know overview of technologies being used by operators.
  • Help desk team should be updated with best practice followed in handling consumer and customer complaints.
  • Understand general regulations in telecom and IT
  • Consumer complaint unit should be setup to handle all consumer complaints.
  • Vestel, India has introduced this new course that will equip participants with required skills to handle consumer and customer complaints in a professional way.

Duration:     2 Weeks , Instructor led training

What you will gain:

  • Overview of mobile technologies from 2G to 5G and how India has navigated through in the convergence environment.
  • Best practices for Customer Service, Help Desk, Tech Support, phone handling, email handling and escalations etc.
  • Help desk to become technological advanced and digital oriented in practical ways to deal with customers.
  • Effective methodologies for customer(licensee) and Consumer Issues handling in the fast growing industry.
  • Exposure to Help desk systems modules to benchmark how to serve, record and retrieve report for large numbers of call
  • Understand various methodology to handle consumer/customer issues
  • How to address individual complaints and follow-up through ticketing and MIS report

Who should attend

Help desk executives in Regulatory and Enforcement agencies in telecom industry. It is also recommended for ICT personnel who handles helpdesk setup and support.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of mobile technologies from 2G to 5G in the convergence environment.
  • Licensing framework versus technology advancement.
  • Overview of various technologies being used by Telecom Services Providers – a case study i.e Tanzania, India and Malaysia.
  • Consumer handling on IoT and App Development
  • Overview of different products and services that a consumer gets.
  • Basic communication skills required to interact with consumers and customers.
  • Protocols to be followed during complaints handling.
  • Best practices followed in help desk handling complaint, ticketing and MIS generation.
  • Demo and info for setting up professional help desk environment.
  • Case studies on complaints handling by help desk at different agencies
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