VoIP Network Design and Configuration

VoIP Network Design and Configuration

Course Aim:

  • To understand how 64kbps used for voice communication and time slots.
  • How TDM switches use different signaling methods.
  • What is the need of VoIP and its benefits
  • Different tools to troubleshoot the problem in switching network.

Duration:    Two options

  • Class room  : 5 days  (full day) – Instructor led training with lab session.  (OR)
  • Online-Live : 10 days , 3 hours/ day – Live instructor led training with lab session

Pre requisites:  Should have basic  knowledge in Telecom and IP networking .

Course Outline:

  1. Switching
  • Fundamentals of voice telephony
  • TDM and circuit switching in basic ,mobile and long distance networks
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Tele traffic engineering
  1. Voice over IP
  • Advantages of VoIP over Circuit switching
  • VoIP systems-Overview
  • Voice encoding and bandwidth
  • SIP
  • H.323 protocol

Practical/Hands-on :  Vestel has its own TDM & VoIP switch in the lab for testing and study.

  • Use of TDM /VoIP switches to understand 64kbps and IP call flow.
  • Different call routing methods like LCR in VoIP switches
  • Use of wire shark to troubleshoot
  • Compression of voice calls vs quality test.

At the end of Course:

Candidate will be able to understand circuit switching and signaling used in telecom networks. Candidate will be able to configure VOIP switch and troubleshoot.

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