Regulations and policy guidelines for IoT and App Development


  • Mobile technologies evolved to 5G standard and beyond.
  • Many operators are deploying 5G network to provide various services like IoT.
  • IoT is need of the day for automation for everyone whether at home or at industry.
  • Many countries are developing SMART CITY with IoT network for automation.
  • Different Apps are developed for IoT network without much regulations.
  • Regulations and policy guidelines are required for RF , Cyber security and privacy.
  • Vestel, India has introduced this new course that will equip participants to understand various IoT networks and applications.
  • Also the need for regulations and policy guidelines for IoT network and App.

Duration:     2 Weeks / Customizable

Training format:   Instructor led training.

What you will gain :

  • Understand various IoT network and components.
  • Need for App development
  • How this development creates threat for cyber security and privacy.
  • Need for regulations and policy guidelines for IoT and app.

Who should attend:

Regulatory and enforcement agencies in telecom  and  Policy makers.

Note : Various IoT network and applications will be demonstrated practically.

 Course Outline :

  • Overview of 5G technology and various services offered.
  • Various IoT network and its applications.
  • Need for different App for individual application and services.
  • How Apps are collecting data and its security threat to the data.
  • Need for regulations and policy guidelines to ensure cyber security and privacy.
  • Also regulating RF spectrum and scarce resources.
  • Effective regulatory strategies for QoS monitoring and performance.
  • Case studies on current policy guidelines and regulations being followed into deployment of IoT network and services in various countries.
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