Optical Fiber Technician

Course Duration : 2 weeks

Duration of class  : 4 hours per day ;  Monday – Friday

Objective :

At the end of training program , the candidate will be able to :

(1) Coordinate activities for installation and commissioning of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) as per the route plan.

(2) Undertake periodic preventive maintenance activities and ensure effective fault management in case of fault occurrence

Under below mentioned subjects :

(a)Carrying out inspection of route plan

(b)Co-ordinating trenching, laying, jointing and blowing of cables

(c)Testing effectiveness of jointing

(d)Closing the activity and documenting the test results

(e) Patrolling assigned cable routes

(f)Carrying out planned maintenance testing and repairs

(g)Carrying out condition based maintenance of equipments deployed at POPs

(h)Ensure timely response to the change work orders

(i)Implement change work order and test effectiveness of change

(j)Reporting and documenting the status