Certified Switch professional

Certified Switch professional

Course Duration : 2 Month ( 2 hrs/day)

Course aim:

This course provides an introduction to the principles and operation of circuit switching and Voice over IP. Candidate will understand different signaling systems used in telecom networks including SS7.

Course content:

1. Switching

  • Fundamentals of voice telephony
  • TDM and circuit switching in basic ,mobile and long distance networks
  • Intelligent Networks
  • Tele traffic engineering

2. Voice over IP

  • Advantages of VOIP over circuit switching
  • VOIP systems-Overview
  • Voice encoding and bandwidth
  • SIP
  • H.323 protocol

3. Signaling

  • Signaling Requirements, and basics of SS7
  • SS7 Functions, Architecture and the Message Transfer Part
  • Call Control and the ISDN User Part
  • Non Circuit-Related Signaling
  • INAP, MAP and CAP SS7 Protocols
  • SS7 over IP

At the End of course:

Candidate will be able to understand circuit switching and signaling used in telecom networks. Candidate will be able to configure VOIP switch.